Quality Web 2.0 Icons Collection

The role and purpose of the icons are to directly interact with the user, the icons can improve the browsing experience of users, but it should be easy to understand. Icons act as symbols that allow easier and smoother communication between the webpage and the person interacting with it. There are many sites available on the Web for icons, but what I want to share in this article is my Favorite and quality icons for web 2.0.

1. Scalable icons | Download

2. Vector icons | Download

3. Blogging icon set | Download

4. Go-green-minimalistic-icons | Download

5. Function-icon-set | Download

6. Iconic project | Download

7. Glossy Buttons |Download

8. Iconblock of Icons

9. ORB icons | Download

10. Adobe-creative-icons | Download

11. Once from Delacro | Download

12. Icon pack by Psferox designs | Download

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